Why Phasmid?

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Our blog shows a sampling of projects we have worked on, as well as topics important to the clients we support. If you find the information useful and have a need for design, consulting or custom software development, Hire Phasmid today. Phasmid specializes in: Business Process Automation Critical Content Management Enterprise Class Solutions Interactive User Experience Design Custom Software Development If you are curious, the name Phasmid comes from the group of insects the blend seamlessly into their environment. Members are variously known as walking sticks, ghost insects and leaf insects. Their natural camouflage makes them difficult to detect. Likewise, […]

A Little Bit of Help With AI Jargon

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From Healthcare IT News: Cognitive computing If AI is the umbrella term, machine learning and cognitive computing are two bits of phraseology that often cause confusion. As Steven Astorino VP of development, private cloud platform and z analytics at IBM explained in a blog post, “Think of machine learning as a set of libraries and an execution engine for running a set of algorithms as part of a model to predict one or more outcomes. Each outcome has an associated score indicating the confidence level at which it will occur.” Cognitive computing, meanwhile, refers to “the ability of computers to […]

Top Tutorials of 2018

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From TechTarget: All of the year’s most-viewed articles on the site have one thing in common: They focus on system administrators developing their skills and using tools more effectively. Several of the PowerShell tutorials linked below show administrators how to take the initiative to design their own scripts and get the job done. 5. Clean up PowerShell scripts Even seasoned IT pros don’t know every PowerShell trick in the book. Admins of all levels should explore the undocumented features that help them create cleaner PowerShell code more efficiently. For example, an if statement — such as a script to check […]

AI and Your Business

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From Forbes: “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race,” Stephen Hawking told the BBC a few years ago. Elon Musk has delivered even more dire warnings, while Bill Gates recently suggested “we shouldn’t panic” because potential problems are not imminent. Our sci-fi visions of the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) have always had a tinge of doomsday about them, but the truth is that we’re a long way from Skynet-style sentience. Earlier this summer a Google Duplex demo showed off Google Assistant calling businesses to make appointments for people. It spoke in […]

Aliases in PowerShell

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From TechGenix: When it comes to PowerShell, I have always had something of a love/hate relationship with aliases. On one hand, many of the PowerShell aliases that exist are completely cryptic and I think that they make it a lot more difficult to figure out what a line of code does. That’s why I rarely use aliases in the PowerShell code that I include in my articles. The flip side to that is that PowerShell aliases can make the transition from the Windows Command Prompt to PowerShell a little bit easier. Many of the old DOS commands have been implemented […]

PowerShell Groups Management

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From TechTarget: Using a few PowerShell commands for Active Directory, you can streamline your administrative approach to managing groups in the enterprise. Active Directory is the foundation of the modern Windows environment that organizes the use of devices, users and resources. You can think of Active Directory as having two aspects: data — users, groups, etc. — and service — sites, replication, etc. Active Directory data administration can take a lot of time unless you learn to automate. In this tip, I’ll concentrate on explaining how to use PowerShell commands for Active Directory to manage groups. The Active Directory cmdlets […]

Big Data’s Effects in Poor Communities

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From Venture Beat: Big data can help solve problems that are too big for one person to wrap their head around. It’s helped businesses cut costs, cities plan new developments, intelligence agencies discover connections between terrorists, health officials predict outbreaks, and police forces get ahead of crime. Decision-makers are increasingly told to “listen to the data,” and make choices informed by the outputs of complex algorithms. But when the data is about humans—especially those who lack a strong voice—those algorithms can become oppressive rather than liberating. For many poor people in the U.S., the data that’s gathered about them at […]