A Big Data Sqoop of Hadoop

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This week I’m working with one of our partners on migrating some data from Microsoft SQL Server to Hadoop. Sqoop is the tool of choice because it can migrate the data and maintain data types inside of Hive. Sqoop is a very straight forward tool, but there were some serious gotchas including driver issues and unsupported data types. For those who think I am writing gibberish at this point, I have dedicated an entire post to defining some jargon. Once you know the jargon, the rest of this post will make more sense. Driver Issues By default Sqoop does not include […]

Big Data and Hadoop Jargon

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I was starting to write a post on using Sqoop with Hadoop, and realized that to a normal person, it would sound as if I were speaking gibberish, so I decided to define as much of the jargon in one place as possible. Defining Big Data Jargon Hadoop is an open source, Java-based programming framework that supports the processing and storage of extremely large data sets (Big Data) in a distributed computing environment. It is part of the Apache project sponsored by the Apache Software Foundation. Big Data extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, […]

Great Products Require Great Product Management

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I found a good article today on LinkedIn entitled “Who are product managers and why you should never hire a good Product Manager for your company?” It feels a bit like an article I wrote a while back, “Product Owners and Product Managers.” While my post focused on differentiating between the two roles, this article describes what the position is and why it is important. The author, Suhaas Kaul, describes Product Management like this: Is Product manager a Middle Man? Does his primary responsibility comprise of delegating tasks to others?   On the outside it might look like that. But […]

Ephesoft Enterprise is now Ephesoft Transact

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Ephesoft Advanced Capture Rebranding At the Innovate conference, Ephesoft announced that starting with version 4.1, their Enterprise Advanced Capture product would be rebranded as Ephesoft Transact while Ephesoft Universe would be rebranded as Insight. This makes sense in light of what each is used for. Universe provides Insight into you data collected from your documents. Enterprise Advance Capture tends to be more Transactional; data from a document is extracted for a particular transaction, such as processing a mortgage, invoice, medical record, or new employee. Transact Version 4.1 officially released (November 17, 2016) Among other features, the newly branded version of Transact […]

Ephesoft User Conference Highlights

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The Ephesoft User Conference (Ephesoft Innovate) lived up to my high expectations. I arrived Monday morning shortly after the keynote address and caught most of Ike Kavas speaking on the future technical direction of Ephesoft as well as some of the highlights from the previous year. To my surprise and delight, he mentioned two of my projects as success stories; the handling of service records at the United States Marine Corps, and the processing of Medical Records at NCI / AdvanceMed. I was also excited to see the Phasmid Logo appear on some of the slides. Key Take-Aways From Ephesoft […]

Ephesoft Innovate – The Ephesoft User Conference

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I am looking forward to Ephesoft Innovate – the Ephesoft User Conference in Irvine California the week of October 16th. This should be a great opportunity to network with Ephesoft customers and integrators as well as preview their latest version. Enterprise Deep Dive Day 1 provides us with a deep dive into the flagship product, Ephesoft Enterprise. I’m curious about what has changed and just as importantly, what has stayed the same. 10/17 – 11:00 AM ~ EPHESOFT 4.5 DEEP DIVE There are numerous exciting features and enhancements in the Ephesoft Enterprise 4.5. This session will cover the top game changers […]