A Big Data Sqoop of Hadoop

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This week I’m working with one of our partners on migrating some data from Microsoft SQL Server to Hadoop. Sqoop is the tool of choice because it can migrate the data and maintain data types inside of Hive. Sqoop is a very straight forward tool, but there were some serious gotchas including driver issues and unsupported data types. For those who think I am writing gibberish at this point, I have dedicated an entire post to defining some jargon. Once you know the jargon, the rest of this post will make more sense. Driver Issues By default Sqoop does not include […]

Big Data and Hadoop Jargon

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I was starting to write a post on using Sqoop with Hadoop, and realized that to a normal person, it would sound as if I were speaking gibberish, so I decided to define as much of the jargon in one place as possible. Defining Big Data Jargon Hadoop is an open source, Java-based programming framework that supports the processing and storage of extremely large data sets (Big Data) in a distributed computing environment. It is part of the Apache project sponsored by the Apache Software Foundation. Big Data extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, […]

Enterprise Monitoring

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At Quest Software, I was a software development manager and co-architect of vFoglight. My team designed the Dell vFoglight User Interface. As part of my work on vFoglight, I was issued a patent for Intelligent monitoring of virtualized systems. The patent relates to monitoring system performance of virtual machine(s) in the context of the overall performance of the physical server(s) and the environment in which the virtual machine(s) are running. For instance, the monitoring system can track performance metrics over a determined period of time to view changes to the allocation of resources to virtual machines and their location(s) on physical platforms. […]

Why Phasmid?

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Our blog shows a sampling of projects we have worked on, as well as topics important to the clients we support. If you find the information useful and have a need for design, consulting or custom software development, Hire Phasmid today. Phasmid specializes in: Business Process Automation Critical Content Management Enterprise Class Solutions Interactive User Experience Design Custom Software Development If you are curious, the name Phasmid comes from the group of insects the blend seamlessly into their environment. Members are variously known as walking sticks, ghost insects and leaf insects. Their natural camouflage makes them difficult to detect. Likewise, […]

Nice PowerShell / SharePoint Script

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I stumbled across a nice PowerShell script for SharePoint when I was doing my daily perusals of RSS feeds: Download all files in a SharePoint document library to Network Share using PowerShell I was recently working on a client requirement to download all the content of a list/document library to a file share. This script should ensure the folder structure of the document library to be replicated in the file share.(read more and get script)

PowerShell quick list of SQL Users with SysAdmin Role

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Here’s a link to a quick script from Max Trinidad to list SQL Users with the SysAdmin role. Here’s a quick way to start getting a list of SQL Server users having “SysAdmin” Role.  Basically, I’m using SQLPS module (now available with SQL Server 2012) which loads all the SMO needed to help you script against your SQL engine. This script does the following: Import the SQLPS Module. Connect to a SQL Server Instance. Get the SQL Logins information. Search for SQL users with “SysAdmin” Role, and builds a customized information in a PSObject. Export the information to a CSV […]

PowerShell Consulting

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PowerShell MVP Don Jones has a new article about the growing need for PowerShell consultants – PowerShell experts to help IT departments automate using PowerShell. In the past few weeks, I’ve heard from a dozen or more organizations that are starting internal projects to automate specific tasks using PowerShell. Try as they might, these organizations haven’t been able to get their team up to speed quickly enough. In most cases, it’s because they’ve got their IT folks so overworked already that there’s just no bandwidth; in a couple of cases their team has been… well, let’s call it “reluctant.” (As […]

Cute use of PowerShell Prompt

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Seems like every PowerShell blogger has to do a post on some fun/different way they change up their PowerShell prompt.  Trevor Sullivan has an interesting one… Have you ever wanted to monitor your memory utilization in a PowerShell instance, but may not want to continually issue commands to determine it? Introducing …… the PowerShell Prompt to monitor memory utilization (read more and get script) What might be more useful (to me at least), would be to calculate the directory size and list that in the prompt, so you would always know how big the directory you were in was.  Maybe […]