Great Products Require Great Product Management

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I found a good article today on LinkedIn entitled “Who are product managers and why you should never hire a good Product Manager for your company?” It feels a bit like an article I wrote a while back, “Product Owners and Product Managers.” While my post focused on differentiating between the two roles, this article describes what the position is and why it is important. The author, Suhaas Kaul, describes Product Management like this: Is Product manager a Middle Man? Does his primary responsibility comprise of delegating tasks to others?   On the outside it might look like that. But […]

Ephesoft User Conference Highlights

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The Ephesoft User Conference (Ephesoft Innovate) lived up to my high expectations. I arrived Monday morning shortly after the keynote address and caught most of Ike Kavas speaking on the future technical direction of Ephesoft as well as some of the highlights from the previous year. To my surprise and delight, he mentioned two of my projects as success stories; the handling of service records at the United States Marine Corps, and the processing of Medical Records at NCI / AdvanceMed. I was also excited to see the Phasmid Logo appear on some of the slides. Key Take-Aways From Ephesoft […]

Product Owners and Product Managers

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Does your software project have a dedicated Product Manager? How about a Product Owner? If your aren’t sure of the distinction between Product Owner and Product Manager, here is a link for some background reading? Boiling it down, Product Owners represent the interests of your customers and end users. What the product should do and how will the users interact with it. The Product Manager is more focused on the company’s interest, including market analysis, market dynamics, competitive review, product life-cycles, etc. Developing a software product without filling these two roles is incredibly risky. I’ve worked on products that lacked formal […]

Why Phasmid?

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Our blog shows a sampling of projects we have worked on, as well as topics important to the clients we support. If you find the information useful and have a need for design, consulting or custom software development, Hire Phasmid today. Phasmid specializes in: Business Process Automation Critical Content Management Enterprise Class Solutions Interactive User Experience Design Custom Software Development If you are curious, the name Phasmid comes from the group of insects the blend seamlessly into their environment. Members are variously known as walking sticks, ghost insects and leaf insects. Their natural camouflage makes them difficult to detect. Likewise, […]

Re: What CEOs should know about SharePoint

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My RSS reader picked up a new article at AIIM titled – AIIM Study: What CEOs Should Know About Microsoft SharePoint. The key point in my opinion was: …68 percent of SharePoint implementation decisions are made by the CIO or IT manager despite the fact that a single system is more often deployed across the enterprise, establishing SharePoint as highly-integrated business system when compared to most enterprise systems. CEOs who view SharePoint as a technology tool rather than a business platform should reconsider. The research points to the need for a company strategy and executive vision in order to get […]

Improving SharePoint Adoption

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I have another new blog post at KnowledgeLake – Improving SharePoint Adoption Jonathan Collins at memeburn wrote a new blog post – 7 Top tips for getting your company rolling with Microsoft SharePoint.  In my mind, the first 3 points are key to a successful SharePoint implementation – 1. Top down support Every SharePoint implementation requires support from the head honchoes. Their support is essential and must continue once SharePoint is live. Leaders need to walk the talk and lead by example and the organisations executive needs to use SharePoint in a very visible way. 2. Get buy-in from businessSharePoint […]

PowerShell quick list of SQL Users with SysAdmin Role

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Here’s a link to a quick script from Max Trinidad to list SQL Users with the SysAdmin role. Here’s a quick way to start getting a list of SQL Server users having “SysAdmin” Role.  Basically, I’m using SQLPS module (now available with SQL Server 2012) which loads all the SMO needed to help you script against your SQL engine. This script does the following: Import the SQLPS Module. Connect to a SQL Server Instance. Get the SQL Logins information. Search for SQL users with “SysAdmin” Role, and builds a customized information in a PSObject. Export the information to a CSV […]

PowerShell Consulting

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PowerShell MVP Don Jones has a new article about the growing need for PowerShell consultants – PowerShell experts to help IT departments automate using PowerShell. In the past few weeks, I’ve heard from a dozen or more organizations that are starting internal projects to automate specific tasks using PowerShell. Try as they might, these organizations haven’t been able to get their team up to speed quickly enough. In most cases, it’s because they’ve got their IT folks so overworked already that there’s just no bandwidth; in a couple of cases their team has been… well, let’s call it “reluctant.” (As […]