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A Scouts Approach to ECM

I wrote a new Blog Post at KnowledgeLake.com

As a Product Manager and in a previous life as a Software Development Manager, part of my job is to balance development efforts between features, enhancements, and fixes. One concept that I preach on a regular basis is treat the code like a Scout treats their campsite – Leave it better than you found it.

Understand that it may not be possible to get everything exactly the way you want it in the time frame allotted, but keep the end goal in mind and if you leave things in better shape than you found them, it will move you down that road.

I hadn’t thought about how this translates into other areas of business, but I was reading a post on the Gartner website – The Real Problem with ECM (hint: it isn’t the platform) – that applied a similar concept to Enterprise Content Management (ECM).