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Improving SharePoint Adoption

I have another new blog post at KnowledgeLake – Improving SharePoint Adoption

Jonathan Collins at memeburn wrote a new blog post – 7 Top tips for getting your company rolling with Microsoft SharePoint.  In my mind, the first 3 points are key to a successful SharePoint implementation –

1. Top down support Every SharePoint implementation requires support from the head honchoes. Their support is essential and must continue once SharePoint is live. Leaders need to walk the talk and lead by example and the organisations executive needs to use SharePoint in a very visible way. 2. Get buy-in from businessSharePoint shouldn’t be rolled out in isolation — engage and mobilise the organisation and get your business users involved. They will drive your business requirements and the end result will meet their needs if they’re involved in the process. They are the best campaigners as they have a stake in making it successful.3. Influencing the organisation Gather exciting people for an exciting journey. Select successful thought leaders, subject matter experts, go to people and enthusiasts and get them, connected, engaged and involved. They become the core community that will support the business transformation and adoption. (read more)

Points 1 and 3 are closely related.  It may seem like a bit of a catch-22, once you can get a critical mass of people using SharePoint, it will become self sustaining; everyone will begin to use it and wonder how they lived without it.

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