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Importance of Context (Or the OREO Cookie Conundrum)

I have another new blog post at KnowledgeLake – Importance of Context (Or the OREO Cookie Conundrum)

Daniel Antion, Vice President Information Services at American Nuclear Insurers has  a great new blog post at AIIM on The Importance of Context. He starts with a cute anecdote:

If I told you that when my daughter was very young, I once let her drink from a glass that had been contaminated with a grainy black particulate matter, you might think I was nuts. If I added that it was a glass of milk, and the particulate matter was OREO Cookie crumbs, you would understand. The additional information that proved so important in that sentence seems to be something that people are so willing to ignore as we move into an era characterized by communication at the speed of light. The information (context) that we forget to include is costing us followers, customers, and generally diminishes the value of the content that we choose to save for the next generation.

Most of the article talks about how important it is to provide the appropriate metadata for anything you choose to archive in SharePoint.  It is imperative that enough time is spent deciding what metadata fields (SharePoint columns) are needed in the content types used in each document library.

I recently talked with a major plastic manufacturing company that is in the process of converting their existing ECM solution to a SharePoint solution leveraging KnowledgeLake Capture and Capture Server. This company spent three months defining their content types and appropriate metadata fields. As Daniel points out…

In order to understand the metadata we need to capture, we have to fast forward a few years, look back at these libraries and ask “why did they think these documents were worth saving?” Somewhere in the metadata columns we create, we should have one that will answer that question. Why was this document created in the first place? Where was this presentation given? Who are the people in those pictures, where were the pictures taken and why were those people at that place? (read more)