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Re: What CEOs should know about SharePoint

My RSS reader picked up a new article at AIIM titled – AIIM Study: What CEOs Should Know About Microsoft SharePoint. The key point in my opinion was:

…68 percent of SharePoint implementation decisions are made by the CIO or IT manager despite the fact that a single system is more often deployed across the enterprise, establishing SharePoint as highly-integrated business system when compared to most enterprise systems.

CEOs who view SharePoint as a technology tool rather than a business platform should reconsider. The research points to the need for a company strategy and executive vision in order to get the most business benefit from a SharePoint implementation. A successful SharePoint implementation calls for executives to engage with IT to drive effective collaboration across business units that maps to the organizational culture. (read more)

It reminds me of a couple of key points of another blog post I wrote recently on Improving SharePoint Adoption; Leaders need to walk the talk and lead by example and the organisations executive needs to use SharePoint in a very visible way. Get your business users involved. They will drive your business requirements and the end result will meet their needs if they’re involved in the process. They are the best campaigners as they have a stake in making it successful.

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