Using PowerShell to Surf the Web

Alan Renouf, Mr. VMware/PowerCLI has broken out of his comfort zone and posted about surfing the web using PowerShell.  This is something I could definitely see myself playing with.  In a previous life, I worked on automated web surfing/web site monitoring for a product called the Foglight Transaction Recorder (FTR).

I found my blog tucked away near the bottom amongst the other blogs beginning with V… as this is a virtualization top list you can imagine there were a few beginning with V!

Anyway, I thought there must be an easier way to allow people to vote for me than to hope they find me amongst the V’s and don’t get bored along the way and choose others so here it is:

The below script is not a cheating script, it will not make you vote for me 1000 times it will simply start internet explorer, browse to the survey and select my site for you, one this has done you are free to deselect me if you wish and also select the other 9 participants you would like to vote for.  After this just follow on through the survey and click Submit to finish.

Obviously with PowerShell I could have just added my favorite bloggers to this script and completed the survey for you but that would be cheating and I believe in the freedom to vote!

(read more and get the script)

Using Alan’s script, a little previous knowledge, and some help from PowerWF, I’m sure I could write a script that would monitor a web site and push the results to SCOM.