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Another Version of SharePoint = Same Basic Problem

I was reading a new article on CMS Wire talking about the history of SharePoint and the new version that Microsoft has just released. Ask not what SharePoint can do for you, discusses both the progress that Microsoft has made with SharePoint throughout the products life-cycle, but also how many SharePoint implementations fail do to a lack of planning.

Despite decades of developed and shared experiences, conferences, webinars and an entire training industry, not to mention “SharePint” meetings all over the world, our organizations still struggle to do a good job deploying SharePoint and generating real business value from its use.

Many of the problems are the same that they have been for years:

  1. Starting with a SharePoint solution instead of a business problem.
  2. Lack of Information Architecture, Information Management and Information Governance
  3. SharePoint administrators who either don’t understand business problems or only became SharePoint administrators by accident.

Blatant Sales Pitch

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