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Ephesoft User Conference Highlights

Ike Kavas speaking at Ephesoft Innovate
Ike Kavas speaking at Ephesoft Innovate conference – October 2016

The Ephesoft User Conference (Ephesoft Innovate) lived up to my high expectations. I arrived Monday morning shortly after the keynote address and caught most of Ike Kavas speaking on the future technical direction of Ephesoft as well as some of the highlights from the previous year. To my surprise and delight, he mentioned two of my projects as success stories; the handling of service records at the United States Marine Corps, and the processing of Medical Records at NCI / AdvanceMed. I was also excited to see the Phasmid Logo appear on some of the slides.

Key Take-Aways From Ephesoft Innovate:

  1. Ephesoft’s advance capture solution will now be known as Ephesoft Transact. Ephesoft Universe will now be known as Ephesoft Insight. I think the choice of names is appropriate, especially Insight – what does it do? It provides insight into data within your documents. It is Big Data Analytics for document content.
  2. Insight is now GA* and the team is doing a very focused roll out. They want to make sure that each implementation is successful, so the team is being selective on which prospects/projects to accept. I’m hoping that I will be involved in at least one implementation in the next 15 months.
  3. The 2017 focus for Insight will be Government, Finance and Mortgage, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a Health Care project made the list.
  4. Transact 4.1 will be GA by the end of the year and there are a number of features I can’t wait to try out:
    1. Document Machine Learning – Allows the classification to improve over time.
    2. Multidimensional Classification* – Using a combination of Text, Barcode and Image Based classification to identify the type of document. I have done this in custom code, so it will be interesting to see if they new OotB* version is better.
    3. Paragraph Metadata Extraction* – Provides a better method for finding metadata within a paragraph and handling keys* and values* on separate lines.
    4. Cross Section Metadata Extraction – Improves the table line item extraction feature, making it easier to retrieve information from Invoices, Packing Slips, etc.
  5. As I predicted, Oracle will now be supported as the Ephesoft back-end database. This is important for any of the Linux installations because it provides an enterprise class back-end, similar to the MSSQL back-end that is typically used in production Microsoft environments.

* Lingo / Jargon

  • GA – Generally Available
  • Classification – determining what type of document the system is looking at, such as I9, W4, Resume, Mortgage Application, Invoice, etc.
  • OotB – Out of the Box; provided by the software vendor and not requiring customization.
  • Metadata Extraction – getting the important information out of a document, such as patient name, social security number, account number, date of service, application date, etc.
  • Key – How Ephesoft locates critical information on a page.
  • Value – What Ephesoft retrieves from a page after finding the key.