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Great Products Require Great Product Management

I found a good article today on LinkedIn entitled “Who are product managers and why you should never hire a good Product Manager for your company?” It feels a bit like an article I wrote a while back, “Product Owners and Product Managers.” While my post focused on differentiating between the two roles, this article describes what the position is and why it is important.

The author, Suhaas Kaul, describes Product Management like this:

Is Product manager a Middle Man? Does his primary responsibility comprise of delegating tasks to others?


On the outside it might look like that. But job of a product manager is much more 🙂


The product manager is often called the product “CEO”. A Product manager’s job is at the intersection of Business, Tech and Design. His key role is to give direction to the product and as a result of that, to everyone’s work as well. He defines the roadmap and the initiatives to be taken. He also evaluates the Impact /Effort metric and prioritizes tasks.

Suhaas also makes a great point that is too often missed by Product Managers

A good product manager creates many nice features. He believes that ‘more features = better product’


A great product manager identifies the core of the product and only adds features that are meaningful to the customers and business. He prevents the software from becoming bloat-ware.

The way I usually phrase it is, “Every feature has to fight to earn its way into the product.”