Microsoft Ignite News

From ZDNet:

Microsoft Ignite kicks off in Orlando, FL today [September 24, 2018] and numerous product teams — several of them within the data and analytics stable — are using the event as a vehicle to launch new releases, features and capabilities. My colleague Mary Jo Foley will be covering numerous announcements from the show, but this post aims to summarize all the data and AI news.

The first slate of news comes from the land of (the on-premises version of) SQL Server. And the news is Big…as in Data. First off, Microsoft is releasing a public preview of SQL Server 2019, the next major release of the product. And within the 2019 version, there’s lots that’s new.

The biggest news is that, through a thorough revamp of the flagship database’s storage engine and its PolyBase technology, SQL Server seeks to become a true Big Data platform, through integration with HDFS (the Hadoop Distributed Filing System) and Apache Spark. SQL Server will now be able to use HDFS for storage, will optionally leverage Spark for data engineering and machine learning tasks and can itself operate using a distributed architecture.

Nodes can run as SQL compute nodes, SQL storage nodes or HDFS data nodes. In the HDFS case, SQL Server and Apache Spark run co-located, in the same container. All of this interoperability is enabled by Kubernetes, and SQL Server 2019’s Kubernetes-compatibility enables it to run on premises or across the various public clouds (even if not as a Platform as a Service offering)…

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