Another Microsoft Ignite Breakdown

From ComputerWorld:

Attending Microsoft Ignite is a bit like drinking from a fire hose — the sheer number of announcements and great new capabilities is overwhelming! Here are some of my very favorite intranet announcements from Day 1.

Modern communication site as the root site!
One of the most important sites in Office 365 is the root site in your tenant. Until now, the root site has been a classic team site. A big announcement today is that the default root site for new tenants will be a modern communication site.

Official organization news
A key ask from corporate communications teams has been the ability to publish and promote organization-wide news in SharePoint. Microsoft just announced the ability to designate one communication site as the official news portal for the organization. News posted to the official news portal gets a special indicator so that it is easy to tell — both on mobile and on SharePoint home — which news posts are coming from the official news portal.

Another cool update to News is the ability to bring internet news into the News web part with a URL link instead of a page. This capability is already available in Targeted Release tenants, and in addition to allowing you to bring in links to external articles, you can also tag the article page with the same metadata you use for the other pages in your web part.

News is getting another update that I am not totally crazy about — the ability to have news rotate in a carousel. I don’t love carousels, but every communications team I work with seems to want them. Before you try adding this to your site, I recommend a quick visit to Use a carousel at your own risk! …

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