SQL Server 2019 Preview

From The Register:

Ignite SQL Server 2019, the latest version of Microsoft’s venerable database, dropped into preview at the company’s Orlando shindig, Ignite, this week.

Head honcho of SQL Server at Redmond, Asad Khan, was keen to mention the 25 years of history behind the database software. Graybeards who remember the first 16-bit OS/2 release of the software in 1989 would be forgiven for raising an eyebrow at that figure, as would Unix fans recalling the original Sybase release back in 1987.

The 2019 version is quite different to the first version shipped on Windows NT, 4.21, in 1993 and it would be difficult to imagine Microsoft back then being as happy to cuddle up with all manner of alternative platforms as its modern day counterpart…

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