Our Team

jim h_3 rgb


Over 20 years of enterprise software experience working for start-ups and large corporations. Considered a Jack-of-all-trades, helping out wherever necessary to insure the success of customers, products, and companies. James has experience at every level of Software Development, including Director of Engineering, Lead Product Manager, Software Architect, Software Developer, Professional Services Manager, Sales Engineer, Product Support, Quality Assurance, Marketing and Documentation. [see more]

Ben v1 – Deep Learning

Specializing in Deep Learning, Serial Entrepreneur Ben works as an Advisor to Phasmid. Ben is the former VP of Engineering at KnowledgeLake, and the Founder and CEO of Positronic.IO. Positronic builds cloud solutions for its clients that leverage modern machine learning, computer vision, and recognition sciences to create technology that radically augments humans and transforms businesses.

Ben v2 – User Experience

Robust User Experience background with proven product management skills to facilitate the discussions and communications needed to design user-centered applications that actually become real-worlds products. Ben listens, digests, summarizes, and visualizes all the disparate information into the latest consensus.