Our Founder



Over 20 years of enterprise software experience working for start-ups and large corporations. I am considered a Jack-of-all-trades, helping out wherever necessary to insure the success of customers, products, and the company. This has resulting in me holding virtually every responsibility over the years, (Software Development Director, Lead Product Manager, Software Architect, Software Developer, Professional Services, Sales Engineer, Product Support, Quality Assurance, Marketing and Documentation).

I currently work with customers and prospects to identify and solve Document Capture and Imaging, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM) and Records Management (RM) concerns.

When I was Director of Server Software Engineering at KnowledgeLake, I managed the development of KnowledgeLake’s two highest revenue products. I was the chief architect of a high-speed, high-volume, high-availability, self-healing document processing/ ECM server platform. Our design considerations included on-prem, cloud, and hybrid server architectures including Microsoft Office 365 and Azure.

At Devfarm Software was responsible for all customer facing aspects of the company as well as managing the transition of new technologies into commercially viable products, with a special focus on our virtualization products.

At Quest Software, I was a software development manager and co-architect of vFoglight, a VMware ESX monitoring solution. I developed a deep understanding of VMware and virtualization before designing vFoglight’s User Interface. Previously I worked on design and development for Foglight Transaction Recorder, Foglight Experience Viewer, and Benchmark Factory.

Professional experience includes:

* Software Design
* Agile Software Development
* Software Development Management
* Product Management
* Professional Services
* Sales
* Support
* Automated Quality Assurance
* Documentation
* Product Owner
* Marketing
* Social Media

Key Skills

Enterprise Software Architecture

Custom Ephesoft Development

Java/C#/.Net Programming

PowerShell, PowerCLI


Javascript, Groovy

Technical Sales

Seminars and Presentations

Technical Documentation

White Paper Creation

Company Blogging/Social Media

Website Design/Development




MSSQL, Oracle


IIS, Apache, JBoss



Netlocity, St. Louis, MO

2015 to Present

Sales & Business Development Solutions Engineering Manager– Responsible for ensuring the success of all Professional Services engagements. Our clients consider me to be a trusted technical advisor who works as their advocate and looks out for their interests. As a working manager I have developed custom scripts for Ephesoft’s Advanced Capture solution to improve document classification, metadata extraction, and system reporting.

Fujitsu / KnowledgeLake * , St. Louis, MO

2012 to 2015

System Engineer (FCPA) – Responsible for presenting high-level information to executives as well as getting “into the technical weeds” with engineers and developers. I demonstrate key features of software to end users, power users and administrators, and since I interact with all of these groups during the sales cycle, I understand the appropriate level to respond to a question based on the audience.

Director of Server Engineering (KnowledgeLake) – Responsible for managing two enterprise software development teams and one quality assurance team. Manage Agile/SCRUM development process. Oversee automated QA testing initiatives. Provide architectural guidance to software development teams. Assist with Research and Development tasks.

Systems Engineer – State and Local Government (KnowledgeLake) – Work with the engineering, sales, and marketing departments to create meaningful product demonstrations that differentiate KnowledgeLake products from competitors. Conduct technical presentations, pre-sales guidance, software demonstrations and technical assistance in sales effort. Architect customer specific solutions based on business requirements.

Lead Product Manager – Capture Solutions (KnowledgeLake) – Manage product direction and development life cycles for KnowledgeLake SharePoint Imaging products including KnowledgeLake Capture and Capture Server. Serve as the subject matter expert for capture products and facilitate communication between sales, support, professional services, marketing, development, and quality assurance.

* KnowledgeLake is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu. In January of 2015, restructuring occurred that moved portions of KnowledgeLake’s sales and engineering teams to Fujitsu FCPA an PSI.

Devfarm Software, St. Louis, MO

2009 to 2012

Chief Information Officer – Responsible for all customer facing aspects of the company, including product marketing, social media presence, product documentation, technical blogging, website design, development and presentation. Also monitor current technology trends to see how they impact our product lines and business model.

VP of Business Development – Develop partnerships with resellers and technical partners to advance the business opportunities of the company.  Identify opportunities for product integration to increase the overall technology footprint of the product.

Head of Virtualization Business Unit – Hands on management for the continued development and marketing of virtualization products for VMware and HyperV.

Quest Software, St. Louis, MO

1997 to 2009

Software Development Manager – Managed the User Interface development team for vFoglight, Quest Software’s virtualization monitoring solution.  Assisted in the design and development of all dashboards for vFoglight, as well as trained new developers.

Software Developer – Developed software in C#, C++, and Java, as well as in proprietary languages.  Products included monitoring and analytic software packages, as well as web applications.

Product Manager – Dictated product direction for Benchmark Factory, Quest Software’s database, web, email and file server load testing tool.

Quality Assurance Manager – Built a team to developed automated test scripts to ensure product quality.

Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis, MO

1994 to 1997

Contractor – Intellution Software Support – Provided technical support and troubleshooting assistance for the Intellution products used at Anheuser-Busch. Learned and supported additional products and technologies, including network tracing.  Gained experience in the structured troubleshooting methodology.

Factory Floor Automation and Man-Machine Interface Design – Worked on factory floor automation projects to increase worker productivity.  Primary focus was designing and developing the user interface to make it easier for workers to understand and control the production line equipment.

Pet Foods, Hannibal, MO

1993 to 1994

Maintenance Supervisor – Hired as a Maintenance Supervisor to manage the day to day repair and maintenance teams, my focus was to modernize and automate their food production processes.  Although I brought many systems up to modern standards, it was readily apparent that they had no interest in state-of-the-art, or bleeding-edge technologies.


University of Missouri   Columbia, MO


MS Agricultural Engineering – Focus on Process Control for food production.  Thesis: Adaptive Temperature Control for Food Extrusion.

BS Electrical Engineering – Focus on digital systems, computer engineering and mathematics.



United States 8,175,863

Issued February 12, 2009 (https://www.google.com/patents/US8175863)

Intelligent monitoring systems and methods for virtual environments are disclosed that understand various components of a virtual infrastructure and how the components interact to provide improved performance analysis to users. In certain examples, a monitoring system assesses the performance of virtual machine(s) in the context of the overall performance of the physical server(s) and the environment in which the virtual machine(s) are running. For instance, the monitoring system can track performance metrics over a determined period of time to view changes to the allocation of resources to virtual machines and their location(s) on physical platforms. Moreover, monitoring systems can utilize past performance information from separate virtual environments to project a performance impact resulting from the migration of a virtual machine from one physical platform to another.

Extrudate temperature control with disturbance prediction

January 15, 1993 (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0956713593901236)

Pulse-width-modulated heating and cooling actuators were designed and installed in a twin-screw food extruder. Step and pseudo-random binary signals were used to excite the system. Auto-regressive moving-average models with auxiliary input (ARMAX) were developed to describe extrudate temperature and specific mechanical energy input. A feedforward/feedback control system with disturbance prediction was designed and implemented to regulate extrudate temperature.