Phasmid’s team has been instrumental in the success of numerous software products and technology initiatives. Here are a few examples of how we help software and technology initiatives.


Do you need help customizing or updating an existing software application? Do you need help getting software packages to work with each other? Our team can help extend existing software applications or track down tricky bugs in multi-tier systems. We can help get different applications to work seamlessly together. We have even created Minimal Viable Products.



Is your company thinking of developing a new internal application but the idea needs to be vetted first? Do you need a development team to create a prototype or finished product? Our team of designers and developers can work with you to create a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to test out concepts and identify product requirements, and then deliver a final production version.



Our team was responsible for major user interface designs for Quest Software (now Dell Software). We focus on every aspect of the user interface; identifying what features are and functionality are required, when they are needed, and where they should be located for optimal user experience. We interview end users and stakeholders to create visually appealing and functional designs.



Every technology initiative and software project should have a Product Owner; someone who is invested in making sure the solution is delivered on time, and with the correct features. Phasmid allows you to outsource the Product Ownership role without allocating dedicated resources on your team.



Every commercial solution or software project must have a Product Manager to be successful; someone who tracks marketing trends, competition and market viability. Phasmid allows you to get the best available Product Managers without allocating dedicated resources on your team.



For multiple clients our developers were key additions to the successful implemented solutions to classify complex documents such as mortgages and medical records from various sources. After the system automatically detected the types of documents, it extracted key metadata including name, dates of service, account number, and location of service.



Our consultants can work with your department or your entire company to identify ways that modern technology can improve process efficiency, data analysis, as well as customer and employee satisfaction.



Our team can help you optimize an existing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution using industry best practices or can help you implement a new ECM solution. Store, secure and compartmentalize all of your business content in secure, searchable repositories. Manage content life-cycles with proper records management.