What is Advanced Capture?

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Too frequently in the technology world we assume that everyone already knows all the lingo for whatever topic we happen to be talking about. As much as I try to avoid speaking in jargon, even I am guilty of not correctly establishing the basic concepts and vocabulary. In the Content Management world, the difference between the terms Capture and Advance Capture are seldom discussed. Hopefully this post will clear things up. History of Capture When you hear the word Capture, what vendors are usually talking about scanning software that allows you to convert paper documents to electronic formats, usually PDF […]

Another Version of SharePoint = Same Basic Problem

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I was reading a new article on CMS Wire talking about the history of SharePoint and the new version that Microsoft has just released. Ask not what SharePoint can do for you, discusses both the progress that Microsoft has made with SharePoint throughout the products life-cycle, but also how many SharePoint implementations fail do to a lack of planning. Despite decades of developed and shared experiences, conferences, webinars and an entire training industry, not to mention “SharePint” meetings all over the world, our organizations still struggle to do a good job deploying SharePoint and generating real business value from its […]

Training Gotchas – Product Ownership 101

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One of the first things you should do when you become a Product Owner for a new product is sit through the training class and all of the training videos, even if you are intimately familiar with the product. WHY? When you watch an instructor teach a class on your product, it should become very obvious where the product is confusing or difficult to use. If the instructor is having to bounce through multiple screens to show off a feature or is pointing out settings that should always be configured a certain way, you have areas for instant improvement. Example […]

Another AI Acquisition

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The AI acquisitions continue as Microsoft announces that they have purchased Genee, a startup that works as a scheduling assistance. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. Microsoft plans to shutter Genee on September 1, 2016 and fold the team into Office 365.   Genee, launched by Ben Cheung and Charles Lee in 2014, integrates into cloud calendar services and allows users to automate the process of scheduling meetings, acting like your personal assistant to check schedules and select best times. As a company that uses O365, it is nice to see the additional investment in this offering.

Intel’s new vision (chip)

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Intel’s new Joule chip looks interesting. I caught this article discussing its uses for augmented reality and computer vision. Intel today introduced a new chip module it calls Joule, a tiny board for developers designed to bring powerful computer vision technology to cheap and easy-to-make prototypes. Joule is essentially a tiny and powerful computer with all its standard up-to-date parts. But it also has enhanced sensors powered by Intel’s RealSense tech that make it suitable for powering software for drones, robots, and other gadgets to help those devices see, analyze, and collect data about the real world. Intel says this type […]

Microsoft’s Internal Cloud Migration

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One of the key factors to successful products is the concept of Dog-fooding; being your number 1 client and consumer of your product. Companies that use their own products tend to identify and correct problem areas quickly. Microsoft is a great example of this. Before they started pushing everyone else to Cloud-based SharePoint, they planned out their own migration. In March of this year, they published a white-paper that discussed their migration strategy. They faced the same challenges we’ve seen from other SharePoint users: Having too many sites: There were far too many sites for us to consider them individually. First, […]

Brute Force Removal of Exchange

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I inherited a test environment that had Microsoft Exchange 2013 installed on it and no viable snapshot that didn’t include Exchange. For reasons I won’t go into, it was necessary to completely remove Exchange and install a lighter weight email server. This proved to be more difficult than expected, so I decided to create a video to show the necessary steps.

Enterprise Monitoring

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At Quest Software, I was a software development manager and co-architect of vFoglight. My team designed the Dell vFoglight User Interface. As part of my work on vFoglight, I was issued a patent for Intelligent monitoring of virtualized systems. The patent relates to monitoring system performance of virtual machine(s) in the context of the overall performance of the physical server(s) and the environment in which the virtual machine(s) are running. For instance, the monitoring system can track performance metrics over a determined period of time to view changes to the allocation of resources to virtual machines and their location(s) on physical platforms. […]