Improving SharePoint Adoption

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I have another new blog post at KnowledgeLake – Improving SharePoint Adoption Jonathan Collins at memeburn wrote a new blog post – 7 Top tips for getting your company rolling with Microsoft SharePoint.  In my mind, the first 3 points are key to a successful SharePoint implementation – 1. Top down support Every SharePoint implementation requires support from the head honchoes. Their support is essential and must continue once SharePoint is live. Leaders need to walk the talk and lead by example and the organisations executive needs to use SharePoint in a very visible way. 2. Get buy-in from businessSharePoint […]

Importance of Context (Or the OREO Cookie Conundrum)

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I have another new blog post at KnowledgeLake – Importance of Context (Or the OREO Cookie Conundrum) Daniel Antion, Vice President Information Services at American Nuclear Insurers has  a great new blog post at AIIM on The Importance of Context. He starts with a cute anecdote: If I told you that when my daughter was very young, I once let her drink from a glass that had been contaminated with a grainy black particulate matter, you might think I was nuts. If I added that it was a glass of milk, and the particulate matter was OREO Cookie crumbs, you would […]

Nice PowerShell / SharePoint Script

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I stumbled across a nice PowerShell script for SharePoint when I was doing my daily perusals of RSS feeds: Download all files in a SharePoint document library to Network Share using PowerShell I was recently working on a client requirement to download all the content of a list/document library to a file share. This script should ensure the folder structure of the document library to be replicated in the file share.(read more and get script)

PowerShell quick list of SQL Users with SysAdmin Role

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Here’s a link to a quick script from Max Trinidad to list SQL Users with the SysAdmin role. Here’s a quick way to start getting a list of SQL Server users having “SysAdmin” Role.  Basically, I’m using SQLPS module (now available with SQL Server 2012) which loads all the SMO needed to help you script against your SQL engine. This script does the following: Import the SQLPS Module. Connect to a SQL Server Instance. Get the SQL Logins information. Search for SQL users with “SysAdmin” Role, and builds a customized information in a PSObject. Export the information to a CSV […]

PowerShell Consulting

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PowerShell MVP Don Jones has a new article about the growing need for PowerShell consultants – PowerShell experts to help IT departments automate using PowerShell. In the past few weeks, I’ve heard from a dozen or more organizations that are starting internal projects to automate specific tasks using PowerShell. Try as they might, these organizations haven’t been able to get their team up to speed quickly enough. In most cases, it’s because they’ve got their IT folks so overworked already that there’s just no bandwidth; in a couple of cases their team has been… well, let’s call it “reluctant.” (As […]

Get WMI namespaces using PowerShell

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PowerShell MVP Don Jones has a new blog post that tells you how to find WMI namespaces and classes.  If you read The Scripting Guy’s blog, you know that WMI is his get-out-of-jail free card. As you know, every computer in your environment can have slightly different WMI capabilities, depending upon what roles, software, and technologies are installed. Being able to quickly list the available namespaces is pretty useful – especially if you can do it remotely. In PowerShell, it’s not too hard: (read more and get scripts)

Exchange 2010 Room List Report from PowerShell

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Mike Pfeiffer has a nice write up on querying a list of conference rooms in Exchange 2010 using PowerShell. If you work in an campus type of environment, where you have conference rooms spread out across multiple buildings or physical sites, you may have heard of the Room Finder functionality introduced with Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2010. The Room Finder allows users to easily locate a room resource when scheduling a meeting in Outlook. Instead of users having to scroll through the Global Address List (GAL) or try to guess which room resources are located in a particular location, they […]

Get VMware Session Information

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Luc Dekens has a new post that includes a VMware auditing script that shows how to find out who is logged into the VMware/vSphere Virtual Center and how long they have been online. There was an interesting thread in the PowerCLI Community today. It raised the question how one could report on the current vCenter sessions, including the IP address or hostname from where the session was started. Unfortunately the SessionManager doesn’t hold any information from where the session was started. But there are other ways of finding that information. The UserLoginSessionEvent object has a property, called ipAddress, that has the information we’re after. Btw if you are only interested in looking for […]