Great Products Require Great Product Management

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I found a good article today on LinkedIn entitled “Who are product managers and why you should never hire a good Product Manager for your company?” It feels a bit like an article I wrote a while back, “Product Owners and Product Managers.” While my post focused on differentiating between the two roles, this article describes what the position is and why it is important. The author, Suhaas Kaul, describes Product Management like this: Is Product manager a Middle Man? Does his primary responsibility comprise of delegating tasks to others?   On the outside it might look like that. But […]

Training Gotchas – Product Ownership 101

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One of the first things you should do when you become a Product Owner for a new product is sit through the training class and all of the training videos, even if you are intimately familiar with the product. WHY? When you watch an instructor teach a class on your product, it should become very obvious where the product is confusing or difficult to use. If the instructor is having to bounce through multiple screens to show off a feature or is pointing out settings that should always be configured a certain way, you have areas for instant improvement. Example […]

Product Owners and Product Managers

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Does your software project have a dedicated Product Manager? How about a Product Owner? If your aren’t sure of the distinction between Product Owner and Product Manager,┬áhere is a link for some background reading? Boiling it down, Product Owners represent the interests of your customers and end users. What the product should do and how will the users interact with it. The Product Manager is more focused on the company’s interest, including market analysis, market dynamics, competitive review, product life-cycles, etc. Developing a software product without filling these two roles is incredibly risky. I’ve worked on products that lacked formal […]

PowerWF v2.7 Released

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I’ve often said that I have held nearly every position in the software development world. This includes playing the role of technical writer and marketing manager. Here is a sample press release I authored: Devfarm Software, a Windows 8 Launch Partner, today announced the release of version 2.7 of the award winning PowerWF. With this release, PowerWF begins the transition from a popular PowerShell workflow orchestration tool to a complete windows automation platform. For the past 3 years PowerWF has seamlessly combined Windows PowerShell with Workflow technologies to provide users with PowerShell Orchestration. PowerWF provides a rich automation platform that […]