Another Version of SharePoint = Same Basic Problem

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I was reading a new article on CMS Wire talking about the history of SharePoint and the new version that Microsoft has just released. Ask not what SharePoint can do for you, discusses both the progress that Microsoft has made with SharePoint throughout the products life-cycle, but also how many SharePoint implementations fail do to a lack of planning. Despite decades of developed and shared experiences, conferences, webinars and an entire training industry, not to mention “SharePint” meetings all over the world, our organizations still struggle to do a good job deploying SharePoint and generating real business value from its […]

Microsoft’s Internal Cloud Migration

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One of the key factors to successful products is the concept of Dog-fooding; being your number 1 client and consumer of your product. Companies that use their own products tend to identify and correct problem areas quickly. Microsoft is a great example of this. Before they started pushing everyone else to Cloud-based SharePoint, they planned out their own migration. In March of this year, they published a white-paper that discussed their migration strategy. They faced the same challenges we’ve seen from other SharePoint users: Having too many sites: There were far too many sites for us to consider them individually. First, […]

Re: What CEOs should know about SharePoint

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My RSS reader picked up a new article at AIIM titled – AIIM Study: What CEOs Should Know About Microsoft SharePoint. The key point in my opinion was: …68 percent of SharePoint implementation decisions are made by the CIO or IT manager despite the fact that a single system is more often deployed across the enterprise, establishing SharePoint as highly-integrated business system when compared to most enterprise systems. CEOs who view SharePoint as a technology tool rather than a business platform should reconsider. The research points to the need for a company strategy and executive vision in order to get […]

SharePoint Design: Business Outcomes versus Requirements

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A NetworkWorld post by Susan Hanley grabbed my attention – “Designing SharePoint Solutions: Start with the business problem and look backwards!” The article gives some great advice on how to approach SharePoint design decision trade-offs: Start with understanding the business problem you are trying to solve. Identify the key stakeholders in the problem – the people who depend on its resolution. Choose an approach that creates the best balance for each of the stakeholders – content contributors and content consumers, business owners and IT – and one that has a chance at being sustainable over the long haul. For example, […]

Buried in Big Data

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I have a new blog post up at KnowledgeLake – Buried in Big Data. I’ve seen references to recent Gartner reports that paint a challenging landscape for the future of content management for companies of all sizes. In one report, Gartner states …by 2016, 20% of CIOs in regulated industries will lose their jobs for failing to implement the discipline of information governance successfully. and in another Gartner shows part of the problem …employees within an organisation generate more than 3GB of data each year and this is set to increase by more than 600% over the next five years. […]

A Scouts Approach to ECM

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I wrote a new Blog Post at – As a Product Manager and in a previous life as a Software Development Manager, part of my job is to balance development efforts between features, enhancements, and fixes. One concept that I preach on a regular basis is treat the code like a Scout treats their campsite – Leave it better than you found it. Understand that it may not be possible to get everything exactly the way you want it in the time frame allotted, but keep the end goal in mind and if you leave things in better shape than you found […]

Tracking Anonymous Access In SharePoint

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I was in a Capture Server design meeting the other day and the discussion turned briefly to the topic of anonymous access[1] to web applications and web services.   The consensus of the conversation was that anything we install should not allow anonymous access by default, but the administrators would obviously set the permissions to whatever they wanted. Of course if managing access control is pushed to the administrators, do the administrators have an easy way to see where anonymous access is enabled? Thankfully for SharePoint Administrators, Russ Maxwell at MSDN has written a PowerShell script that walks through you Site Collection […]

Improving SharePoint Adoption

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I have another new blog post at KnowledgeLake – Improving SharePoint Adoption Jonathan Collins at memeburn wrote a new blog post – 7 Top tips for getting your company rolling with Microsoft SharePoint.  In my mind, the first 3 points are key to a successful SharePoint implementation – 1. Top down support Every SharePoint implementation requires support from the head honchoes. Their support is essential and must continue once SharePoint is live. Leaders need to walk the talk and lead by example and the organisations executive needs to use SharePoint in a very visible way. 2. Get buy-in from businessSharePoint […]